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Good day, I would bear ien. Undzwar I Sold on page headphones a few days ago and I have agreed with the buyer on delivery as his place of residence is a little further away. We have settled the payment via bank transfer. Now he has today headphones receiving and contacted me that be this optically Kaputt. I told him that I tested the headphones before and everything went. The AUX connector is damaged what I do not verstähe because I have HEILE sent. Now he wants-judicial steps submit. I wanted to ask whether it is now justified because I have indeed sent heal. What can now be attached and what do I expect me? Please order as soon as possible rückmeldung and thank you in advance :)) MFG Andreas Hermann

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the typical posturing of a dubious shopper who tries a discount out Over - or: who wants you tighten its defective headphones that have exactly this error.

you can (to the types employ) for the best photos of the "optical damage" ask.

if then comes nix more, it can be assumed that this was just a trial to get a slowdown.

when photos come, you can compare the photos with your. no 2 articles are completely identical - because of the signs of use. if for example your headphones at the imprint is a little worn and the buyer-photos exactly this is but imprint tiptop, you know, trying you to the left.

if you wish to abbreviate, and parts to the buyer that the headphones were tested in the presence and sent by evidence. the article is only revoked if the buyer can prove that the damage before the delivery was present.

to submit suit, the buyer has to hire a lawyer who runs all the lanes. a lawyer will cost a lot and you have to first interpret everything. the cost you only get paid when you process also wins and that would only be the case if the can prove buyer clearly that the damage there has been shipping already before and it is precisely these headphones that you sold.

Therefore you do not Shipped on ebay classifieds.

It will go in the end word against another's, that is your enemy will have no chance. Just say that the were when you sent it right, do not go into the rest

Grds. You owe proper defect-free transfer, without agreed exclusion of statutory. Liability for defects even 2-year warranty.

If the buyer immediately after receiving a defect contends he can require Reparaur or withdraw from Kaufvertrg says, the purchase price and shipping costs both entitled if it returns it.

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What had the headphones for a value? Enter the buyers on Ebay Classifieds buying then a Review? About Ebay right would you have a maximum of only receive a negative review.

The problem happens again and again at shipping.

Legally he has indeed proceed the way against it, but a lot of success since he will not have. Here statement will be against another's and also I think that he does not make it probably due to the low value also.

Do not worry because if you've done nothing wrong.

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