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Hi We wanted a dog for quite some time. But it was at that time in a rented apartment never possible. The time has come and we may want to purchase a samoyed. Short to us: family of 4, two sons 17 & 6 We know that the dog needs a lot of discharge, which would not be the problem. The dog would be off and on for max but. 4 hours alone, of course, slow adjustment period. he would sleep in the older son in the room. We have a relatively large house (180m2 and about 500m2 plot or garden) Is that okay? Morning noon afternoon and evening we would go out with him. Furthermore, it is about 500m from us a pet space, a dog sports club. What do you all mean? Does the dog as a 5th member?

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Basically, it sounds good and should allow the attitude of a dog. When you think of a puppy you must of course in the first year alternative plan to the learned possibly has a few hours to remain alone (the Ohase takes longer than the annual leave hergibt) and a Plan B if he had to learn it at all. Huskies share the discontent then that loud and clear with ...

Some concerns I have, however, with beginners because of race. Most sled dogs exhibit a pronounced independence associated with Jandtrieb. Are you able to cope with, even if the dog ev. Life must remain on a leash and do not feel like subordination has?

Before you decide on a race you should get in touch with other owners of the breed long and detailed. a good place for exchange of experience are here breed forums and big dogs forums such as the Polar chat.

As you get to hear the whole broadside reality of living with the dream race.

Maybe a Samoyed is not necessarily a family dog. But otherwise, listen to your description, as if your future quadruped has a fantastic dog's life itself! Find me the way 'super that you make yourselves true thoughts on the "Family growth"! Samoyeds are happy with their peers and want to "work", ie run. Perhaps as a typical family dog ​​such as a Labrador better suits you.

Your description is generally suitable for dog ownership, but a Samoyed is definitely NOT a family dog ​​and he is just as unwilling home alone, even if it is only 4h it's just not good for a Samoyed, and I hope she as responsible adults see exactly one the and call rather towards family dog. A Samoyed is extremely self-confident and stubborn he needs an awful lot physical and mental capacity, ie the same walking round but really 100% employment and every day about 14 or more years not only daily. Education is exhausting for inexperienced dog owners which buy a Samoyed, he questioned everything what he should do and should not be obvious a task for a Samoyed, so he will not run if you do not know how you have to handle this dog there. I really think a Samoyed is not the right dog for you, I would possibly even look different races in books or on the Internet and their character traits and racial characteristics and then decide which dog fits into your life, a Samoyed is a slide / endurance dog so should we him but also please just give the sledding / run to be able to keep appropriate. I hope you do not decide after Süßheitsfaktor, because that would be a real shame about the dog. Otherwise, I hope you will make the right choice and have a happy long friendship with your favorite. LG

Do you have dogs experience? Somojeden are not exactly easy. they are stubborn, demanding Hunde..die want more than just go for a walk.

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