Samsung Galaxy S4 Loads extremely slow!

Good morning love community. I have a problem with my 3 months old S4. Sometimes I just take out the battery from my mobile phone. But that is not the problem but it could be the reason. So I charged my phone overnight on the PC, but then got it at 5% battery condition identified. At 2% my phone is already assumed. And the next morning I noticed that my phone constantly at 0% is (at laddekabel). It went out again. Eventually it stopped at. It is now for 10 minutes in the charger cable and just 8 percent. So my question is: What could be the reason? PS: According to an app, it takes 3 1/2 hours to 100% battery level. I need a quick response. MfG: Max

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If you auflädtst it on PC then takes the eeeewig. Have you an adapter for the power outlet? This is significantly faster. But my S5 also need an unusually long time for charging (am accustomed from ipod significantly faster ^^)

most likely the battery that had my brother also. with new am back

This is the battery, but it lad times at the outlet, which is much faster.

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