SARDU MultiBoot Kaspersky PC Unlocker Boot breaks with boat: from

Hi ! Have I created a multi-boot USB key with the latest SARDU version. Among other things, I also have the Kaspersky PCUnlocker installed. ( However, always breaks the boot process from without justification. After that is on the screen only boot: (see picture), then you can only enter reboot. As information, I then only that the whole runs with syslinux 6:03. The normal Kaspersky LiveCD funzt however.

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So simply can answer any your question, because that is a motley stuff with many propritären and commercial components. Weiss because the keenly loved page no advice? Does the cookbook instructions well but not quite? Maybe you've overlooked something, something different, or wrong? Maybe fits the instructions only to certain programs in certain versions? The have changed and no longer does this work. SARDU is a complete bootable Linux system boot loader (grub), why do we need the bootloader software Syslinux 6:03 then specially still? There can only be ONE, a boot loader at a time and that will be your problem. The prompt indicates that the current grub bootloader is not Syslinux ....

The only thing that we in pkt. Linux and Grub can help:

The command prompt of the Grub bootloader will only appear if a valid configuration (grub.cfg) was with linux-compatible file system found on any media! Where this configuration is saved depends on the installation, the existing phys. Disks and partitions. The prompt may also come when some configuration stored on one or the bios settings and removable media is changed.


However, the boot process always aborts without notice. After that is on the screen only boot:

Do you have the hash value of the ISO file reviewed and agrees with the?

(see image)


Linux Hase

The whole with SYSLINUX is of course nonsense. I have written down wrong, sorry for that. Herewith the image is also included.

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