Scar open again? (Dog)

Hello! My Mongrel was operated on Friday (umbilical hernia). Yesterday everything was okay and unobtrusive, but today he barely moves and eats nor drinks. Also slightly changed (has at the scar, it looks as if something "come through". What can I do?

The best answer

I would sit down as a precaution with the veterinary emergency in connection.

What can I do?

of course go to the vet, and immediately!

Look to where the nearest veterinary clinic is that are open on Sundays around the clock. Or call in to your TA, then you are the on-duty veterinarians announced!

Immediately to Veterinary Emergency!

Why you sit at the computer and ask here at GF such a question ???

Have you ever heard of the establishment of the veterinary emergency service ???

The phone number you will learn from the tape of AB your pet veterinarian ...

And otherwise there are veterinary clinics which are open 24 hours ...

Your dog is sick - so take care drum !!!

Man, seh that you come back to the TA.

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