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Hi, I currently have a medium-sized problem. I suffer again at a mushroom infection. Unfortunately, our washing machine has (actually at the beginning) abandoned in the middle of the wash cloths the spirit. The swab is then removed my friend. My concern is how far the washer could still be full of fungal spores. I've wiped with a cloth and 5% vinegar. Is that enough? I could also know that fungal spores can hold for a prolonged period on surfaces. If my friend has now touched all sorts of objects by removing the cloth, I have to start to disinfect everything? Or can I leave these thoughts fall safely? Since I'd never done. The only positive thing I can abgewinnen this situation is that it is cold in our cellar, which is not supported mushrooms yes.

Luckily coming tomorrow Machine customer service. I look forward to your answers. I am, as far as this fungus, quite calmly moderate way and therefore have also a hell of respect for it. (Almost a mediocre Waschzwang :-()

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Hello Nikse,

when I read that you are suffering again from a fungal infection, and you want to have but you fully informed, I see a big question mark in my sight.

Probably you take the pill !? Just excessive hygiene in itself is not advisable in such a vulnerability. In your place I would shave the genital area and clean with water only the outer part of my race. You also will not have an unpleasant smell then. If you are not prepared to live, then you really get you a wholesome from PH cleanser. Your underwear should all be kochbar and therefore cotton panties are announced. Towels, getting to the affected area are to use in the laundry. Once the washing machine has been repaired, you have it go through without content even really namely to 95 degrees, that one should anyway and then make time. After use, the machine does not close the door so that it can dry on the inside and of the absence of humid climate. Your diet you should probably adjust and sweets and sweet fruit eg avoid because your body juices are then also sweet and the like mushrooms really like. Lower the pill and prevent different etc.

You should not be disinfected, but wash the clothes as usual.

Your yeast infection is not guaranteed from the washing machine.

About rags I've never done me in the context thoughts. Rather to the panties, which were then cooked.

hire washing machine just once at full temperature (95grad) idle and through blank that you should do every few months time.

Almost a mediocre Waschzwang

Then does that sound well.

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