Schauma for dry hair with coconut fragrance :)

Are you happy with it? Regenerates it dry hair?

The best answer

My experience, for a hairdresser accident (no cheap hairdresser!): Shampoos from the drugstore does not help in massive problems. I use products of Redken. The last forever, because you really only a small amount (50ct large) needs, even with very long hair. Therefore, the expensive shampoos on average are more favorable than the from the drugstore.

Since I use Redken my hair has improved massively. They shine again. I could keep my length and now blondieren again (after 1.5 years) also.

I take care line Fructis or Pantene Pro-V. The are good I have very long dry hair. Since I use the Care Series purge and also ne cure it is again healthy and shiny.

Shampoo can not regenerate, it is so washed out. use care products that remain on the hair after drying

Use times the willow bark Shampoo RAUSCH is very good. A little pricey but keeps its promises. Works well with dry scalp, against itch and dandruff.

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