Scholarship USA annehmenn?


I'm going this year and 16 have received during the summer holidays, a 2-week scholarship in the USA. All scientific etc, is my territory and makes me very fun! :) I was really happy, there've been 1 week in University of Colorado and 1 week in college in Leadville. I just wonder if I should actually do it ...? I've unfortunately Flugangst I can probably eliminate with tablets: D but my (eventual) homesickness bothers me. In 7th grade I was in 1 week Sylt and that was no problem, but 2 weeks of Colorado where you have to fly 10 hours, and I'm not even covered if I can keep this contact in Germany with my dearest via Whatsapp, Telephone and Co. WLan there is with security not ... What would you do?


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I can not imagine that it is not possible to keep in contact with your family Americas me. They have since also wireless)

Express your concerns but where did you get the scholarship, which can ensure more accurate you say.

Such an opportunity you do not get one more time, many obtain a chance never! Nutz it and enjoy the two weeks!

And believe me, when you're busy every day for two weeks with interesting things, time passes very quickly :)

Nutz chance. It is certainly a valuable experience. As for the contact, I would not worry. First, there you shall have the opportunity to establish contact with all who are dear to you. Secondly, perhaps you enjoy it also times with other people to get in touch (have only two weeks).

Touch with the people at home with you you're going to have a long enough what are ie 14 days?

This is a unique opportunity. You should accept it definitely.

Do that in any case! Such an offer you will surely not get again. And you're already 16, as one should stand it can be 10 hours to be without Internet ... but you can also sleep? You'll be right, you're just 14 days away and you'll be sorry if you do not do it. :)

Usable the chance !!

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