School liberation / dehydration?

Hello everyone,

Before I express my question, I have to go back once a bit. At 14 I was diagnosed with depression, now I am 17. I have taken various medications and was also 3 years therapy. I have executed various test about me - all to no avail. Meanwhile, I'm with this to a point where further progress is no longer possible. The depression is no longer "just" depression, no, now I have developed a real social phobia. I try as good as it gets to go to school, I'm in the eleventh grade. Fortunately, I have a very understanding homeroom. The problem is that my performance of course also suffer under it, because I have to learn every day until three in school and after that there is not much with homework or. On good days, I eat something and then go to bed, but usually I go to straight to bed and sleep, because I'm just totally broken. There are also psychosomatic symptoms such as nausea / dizziness / sweating and I tremble very often. In addition panic, although no real attacks, but shallow breathing, sweating and the associated feeling in the chest, which still continues to spread. But well, to my question: Currently I wait longingly for an appointment in a day hospital, this is unfortunately only in May and even for preliminary discussion. I am of course located on the waiting time, since I neither myself nor other hazardous not, mind you. So as I said, I find it very difficult to leave the house, ie to attend school is uncanny unnerving! I could be of course in sick, but in high school you fly then pretty quickly out. Work is definitely not in it, I guess that we read out, and if I do nothing and is awaiting until I get the help that I need to give me the job center depends on the neck. And really to my question: Is there perhaps something like, no idea, a kind of school "reduction"? So that I might only be as long and needs in the school as "good" I feel, or as long as I can do it? Bräuchte I for documents from my family doctor / therapist? Are there certain rules, waiting times, the school only reaches a decision or do they need the full diagnosis? I'm sorry that I have so much written and I hope someone can answer my question! If not, thanks anyway to those who mention alternatives and / or have ever read this text :-)

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hey :) 1. I want to tell you that you're not alone and you'll do it all somehow. GP 2. Your can write you a school exemption or you report sick. I think your therapheut can write to you that you're just overwhelmed momenatn etc with everything and you are totally exhausted and it would be better that you do not go to school. That you can then your GP give and can free yourself, or your therapist can do that directly. And your school you go to the state nothing just need to know that you're sorry and ends. and normal white going immediately. So if you ask to your family doctor gone tomorrow, the best times whether he can or he needs something there and if you again when your therapist are you because indeed ask again fals which is still not clarified. Then there is also the possibility as far as I know you you're doing when you're saying on Wednesday it good you want for 3 hours in the school because you do not packst longer you therpeut your or even GP something also can write. I hope I've answered everything and could help fals something is open to ask you to comment yes or write to me. LG (forgive errors)

Hi, I would nevertheless times the conversation with the guidance counselor at school looking. The make you determined to help. Do you get because no medicine? This helps but before? What do your parents say about that? ask her

Why are you standing nich already at X therapist / psychologist on the waiting list? Just waiting for an outpatient clinic, no real strategy may be.

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