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I had a very bad day. I'm in the 8th grade junior high school and am 14 years old. Today was my first school placement was (in a dentist's office) and it's all I had not imagined. My supervisor is really very nice and open to my questions and very likable. On her there is nothing to bemägeln. But there is a very cold-hearted dentist of it has apparently "apart" on me. When I was allowed to watch him at work, as he had "fooled around" patient to the teeth, he asked, "and what took you to this practice?" I was not at all prepared. I was so verpeilt and intend nervösitat said "I try wills". Then he began to laugh. The patient looked at me kind of sad to (as if she had felt condolences). He said "Try is always bad." - And no people that is not the only one. He has me already exposed in front of many and the patient said so "siehste what an unmotivated child". He has instead of giving me courage made me completely broken so I could not say what. (Although I can make pretty good questions). The supervisors found his behavior very bad thing does not surprise me. He thinks I was stupid and could give no intelligent answer to his injured end awards. I was already on the verge rauszulassen which - luckily I can still control myself

I do not get it. Why these people take on interns when only a humble and down to make? I have just learned that I am a "child ***" simply is stupid for everything and was literally only there to me to hear his stupid sayings. Man, there are indeed 70 math work on a day better than to let me tell him what. At the end warens only 2 hours left (the whole day felt like an eternity to). I told my supervisor "Can I go home? I'm tired". Oh man that was wrong, but I was really broken. She laughed obliquely and said "Eh ok. But you have to make up for the hours" have blah changed my clothes etc. and have said goodbye and left.

The day was Sche. This man belongs truly beaten. The only purpose Sch ** e. You know how hard it was to be for hours offended? I felt like a clown.

Please help me. I can not believe that now need to go for 2 weeks there. IT IS CORROSIVE. I would like to show up ever again.

What should I do?!!? I am so helpless and knows that he will tomorrow beleidgen me again. In addition, my tutor me not too enthusiastic because I just left. I know it was wrong but I was really emotionally broken from it all and could not go on any more genuine. Man I habs dirty ......

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Have the time my first internship, and our teachers have us clearly said that we should contact if problems to the supervisor of the placement or otherwise of the school. We also supervising teachers during the training period. Maybe you've got a / n betreunde / n teacher / in the / the you could contact you.

immediately tell your internship supervisor or teacher bescheid.Vll has a good rat. For us it is time gemotz the people together, and then it got better :)

Try it again and when it really does not work it tell the teacher or parents and should not help you go maybe even 2 or 3 days now and the rest you can possibly make "ill" if you can. I know one should not shirk something but if you you're done down there and it makes you not enjoy then the whole thing is pointless (in my eyes at least) LG :)

No you nix vesaut !!!!!!!!!!!! Tell your Leher will understand and you will must find a new internship you well. Tell also your parents are natürlicb help you. then go to practice and say hmm that's nothing for me in such a "dentist" you can still learn nothing and then just go. Honestly I would do it cold, you should also do as there are better internships. At the latest by next week you have a new internship then takes up just 1 week but so what?

I would immediately call the school or your teacher.

My goodness, it's just an internship. There are people who are bullied in the job to which they are dependent. You increase you overdoing it into something. Just be glad you're in this A .... just an internship, in a few weeks everything is forgotten and you know where you will not promote you. But later, meet you in the job idiots and then you can cut off not easy.

I next week my BOGYPraktikum.

I'd not let me down and confidently aufwirken, but no matter what the thinks very erhlich, you may speak your mind and have the dentist not small when giving. If that is really bad, you aknnst indeed ask whether you are allowed in the laboratory or where work differently!


perhaps this can not deal with dental interns.

Carry the best of it, internships are something beautiful.

or ask him some games very directly what he has against you.

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