scored with 16 own dog?


As you can already read, I want to have my own dog. Last year was from my mom the reason is because I still not making any money and not go to work.

I want my own dog for years. ,, We '' have a family dog ​​we bought really time for me because I stutter. (Sometimes more sometimes less or hardly) We then brought it to us, since the stutter with a dog on the side might be easier or even go away! I stutter for a moment of shock (family member) of this in our house lives upstairs. And now the dog is hard for us, because it has this person ever and it takes us away even though he is not his!

When I walk with him the way I am asked whether something ... is because I walk with His Dog!

Well no matter. In any event ,, our 'dog was because of him badly brought up etc.

Now I finally want my own dog he can not take away me and to whom I can take care of.

I now make my money I can pay the costs and buy him expensive stuff. We live in the countryside / in the mountains where you can go super short but also very long laps.

I am currently 4x a week. I have to start at 9am. As the place is only a few kilometers away, and I can drive with the moped back and forth I have to go away late. So can I go in the morning ne big round and play with it yet. He would then max. 3 hours alone, because then my mom comes home from work homecoming.

Had max. 3 hours too long for leave alone?

First I have to talk if I may now have a dog yet with my mom. But since last year their only ,, No '' point was the money it would have to prop. Already go ..

Aja if everything will work out a Bolonka Zwetna Bitch!

Experience I already with dogs. Did I also very informed about the race and the most important things rausgeschrieben that I find the same again.

I have wavered all the time between a pug and a Bolonka but since the Pug's agony breeding I would not support that.

Did you perhaps tips on how I can teach my mother that I want to have a Bolonka now? I'm not sure how to begin because ..

Viiiielen you already for the helpful answers! :)

The best answer

I would bring a pug (myself have but one (Miniature) Poodle). If you have any problems with the school and early (he) have to get up to go walkies, buy fodder, education etc.. Could you to put you a dog.

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