Screen interrupted video or high FPS!

Hello community first, I know my PC technically good, please use therefore technical jargon!

1 My PC:

i5 quad-core 3.0 GHz

MSI Radeon R9 280 Gaming


Screen BENQ GL2230-B

2 I am at a loss! I have the latest graphics card drivers installed and yet when viewing videos or higher FPS is an interruption in the picture! The ad is then placed as cut and treated for a split second. This is extremely annoying, because it indeed ever seen! When I write, for example, as now, then everything is super and normal! Can you help me?


Jap at the other monitor (older but larger model) it was even worse!

I just once made a video so you can see it!


I guess that you have already changed the monitor and have seen whether the error occurs even when other monitors, if that's the case, you can exclude schonmal driver or GPU problems.

Just check it with another monitor when it should still write it here again.


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