Script program to run when Windows boots

Hello everybody,

following problem. Have a xplore iX104 with the operating system win7. One of the two USB ports did not work (mouse when plugging did not work). I tried by disabling / enabling to fix the USB port in the device manager, no longer went to the turn off the mouse and the touch screen (was then the still functioning port). Now no input option works more. Only in the BIOS does a command, but if the Windows boot up is no more.

How can we solve this problem?

My approach would be the following:

Is there any way before or during the operating system boots to run a program that the driver re-enabled?

Greeting buto1015

PS: There is no connection for PS / 2 keyboard available

The best answer

Hello buto1015 - if an incorrect configuration is actually (Device Manager, Drivers?) you should look in the manual, which key you bring in boats in the repair console. This is device dependent. So then:

pressed keys hold at cold start and in the appearing console 'reset to an earlier time' select, then just take the restore point when your table was still running. If that does not, then set out also from the console, the tablet back to factory settings. You then lose your data, but, as Bill Gates wants it running again.

If there is a hardware failure, versuchs with a USB hub to one of the two USB ports. test test also your mouse on another device, perhaps also they broken?

Thanks for the fast respond.

@eleteroj: Only factory settings is possible, since no backup time is available. USB hub I try out tomorrow. However, I can not believe this is funzt since the driver from the USB port disabled.

@Culles: Unfortunately I have no input option since all USB ports are disabled so I can not press the Windows button

So résumé of the story is the factory setting. With program boot any chance?!?!

Greeting buto1015


Painfully feeds the squirrels

So you can hopefully enable the mouse again:

Click the Windows button and let go again.

Give a searchform Device Manager.

Click on the tab key.

Go with the down arrow key until the entry is stored keyboards,

Click on the plus button. (Keyboards pops up)

Go with the arrow key on your keyboard and press the Enter key

With shift-tab select the "Driver" from.

With the A key you can leave your driver search and activate.

Alt-s you can close the final window.


LG Culles

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