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Hello, I am currently in BBT (Vocational Education Centre Tuttlingen), and I have some longer hair and thought to myself that I should for safety tie my hair. That's embarrassing, then I can not go on like this. Should I it sche¡ßen and just as long as I'm still there, the follow rules, or should I do something different like (hair cut short)?

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with such a thin hair band (that is the way a haarreifen is only one haargummi) some do How about because I know that the way

It's scrunchy and not scrunchy-only-for-women-being. Do not want to be embarrassed, makes for me personally no difference whether man or woman wearing something / used. :) In your spare time you can your hair then style as you like, so I would define short haircut to me in your place no (!).

Many athletes have long hair and tie them to. Follow the rules and put them I would not specially because the cut my hair who knows what you look like after that :)

Follow the rules, I would say. The hair for the short cut seems a little shortsighted to me.

bear hairs or hair tie. See no problem?!?

With us a boy wearing a pigtail.

no, cut hair does not go.

Why, scrunchy's cool for boys. but Please take only one without metal off, otherwise break off the hair.

If you like your hair long then do a purely haargummi

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