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I moved out of home with my little dog (Yorkshire Terrier Biewer). At home we had other animals (dogs and cats). He has very good terms with each animal and since then we have gone forth, he grieves very. He sleeps almost exclusively and would be no longer home. Now I thought that I will get myself a second dog. But now the question is which breed suits my little dog. I have two things very important, namely that the dog is small and not a hound's.

Thank you in advance.


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I think that a new dog no longer makes your happy. He misses his old home and his pack there. How would it be if you let him in your parents and visit him? Would be better for your dog in any case. LGZ

Record with your dog and visit the animals at the shelter. So you can test whether the dogs get along. Of course, the dog is still grieving, but it will get better with the time when he is no longer alone.

Try best time at the shelter. These are mostly very affectionate dogs and they also occur constantly other dogs in contact. The staff from the shelter are you choosing certainly facilitate, as they already know the dogs and they can also appreciate.

Your dog does not need a second dog but you have to deal with you more with him.

Why think twice?

You have a Yorkshire Biewer Terrier?

Then you get just one more.

If you are you looking Shelters afterwards from a heart for animals.

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