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Hello to all who are reading this, I would once again a question:

I would need a free program with which I can remove the greens and blue background from Greenscree or blue screen, so it should bz.w the blue background become transparent the Green, so get an alpha channel.

I hope you can help me!

Thank you in advance!

By the way: I would not mind if the program runs under Linux / Ubuntu and Wine: D Is not a must.

The best answer

I have a Gambas program written for it that works with uncompressed Tga files. I can send you, you have to have installed Gambas. 3 I'll do it even a Youtube Tut. Tangible communication, I am tonight from 11 pm on the computer.

If you want to do that during the recording I would recommend OBS. There is certainly a tutorial on Youtube now. Otherwise it all with Adobe After Effects, for example.

with images I can help you with videos not, that would be a tremendous amount of work ...

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