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Hi Community,

I would like to see soon a Gaming - set headset - Mouse and a Gaming. Have you had good experiences with certain devices? I would be pleased if you could recommend me products.

regards Lukas

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Mad Catz RAT 5 | Good mouse ...

https: // q = + logitech g35 + headset & biw = 1600 & bih = 910 & amp ...?

MFG Guardian Angel

Zelotes Optical Mouse, I have half a year and am fully satisfied! She is very low € 11 and also has more color change. In Headset I can not say exactly, have a simple with a very good micro which I also use for Lets Playen when you put on a good micro, here it is: Logitech PC 960 if you wish to convince you, then you kannste times watch a video and hear my ^^ YouTube channel: LeBePa

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