Search gift for my girlfriend's 18th birthday! :)

Hello, I'm m21 and my girlfriend is mid-April 18. Only I do not know quite what to give her, got a chain for the wrist bestowed with so followers off her last year.

I will give you definitely a bouquet, because she loves flowers so;) Only I honestly have no idea what else to it, must not be cost € 50 wenns must ...

Can I respond to a couple of girls, boys and what they have so hergeschenkt?

really grateful Bin for each proposal: D :)

The best answer

My friend gave me a silver necklace with a heart pendant, in which our initials are engraved. Have me so happy and pretty much all the girls, who have seen the chain found it also incredibly great :) engraved with date I would find it pretty :)

Schenk what that does not meet their mainstream. Chocolate etc is nice, but everyone know something of films and series .. can perhaps make a sweater or T-shirt with a love spell? Let your imagination run wild ^^

My friend gave me for 18 one voucher for ne spa with overnight stay in a hotel - was mega -


Organizer with her family and friends a Überaschungs Party. It may only nobody verplappern ^^

My friend gave me 19 a weekend night my choice :-) He has given me a day at a horse farm where we were riding along and a beautiful photo shoot had gathered addition. Unfortunately, well enough your budget from € 50 from not for such a thing.

Give her a wellnedwochenende with you in a beautiful hotel

So with the traditional gifts of flowers, candy, jewelry and perfume can never go wrong! Clear it also depends on your girlfriend, but overall pleased that every girl.

Flowers are therefore ever a great idea - as a large bouquet is just too beautiful. Chocolates all depends on whether she likes, but as champagne truffles from eg Läderach or Lindt always fit. Jewelry - okay, you've already given her last year, but if you see something nice, why not .. A good perfume in a beautiful bottle it sure would too!

best regards

My friend gave me a ring for 18 :-)

A Fossil watch or Pandora bracelet: D

It would be sure of a beautiful piece of jewelry. It has beautiful, homemade trinkets in some cases even with precious stones. And what I think is great, they are all unique pieces! :)

I find a beautiful and special gift :)

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