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I'm looking for good puns in English.

please write me such a reply,

Thank you very much

The best answer

"No matter how flat a conversation might be, a woman always likes to have it flutter."

(I think, now I get the same a little trouble ...)

Greeting earnest,

I found "The penis mightier than the sword" always very good. A tiny version of Sprrichworts "The pen is mightier than the sword", but with a big impact.

A rice crispy and a corn flake sat on the edge of a plate. Suddenly the corn flake fell into the milk and the rice crispy jumped after her to save her life. But I'm afraid I can not tell you the end of the story Because it's a [sɪə.rɪəl]


try it with Quick Study - Stupid Jokes

or googel to puns such as:


  • A fisher searches the long haul - like an ice hockey team.
  • Some soldiers got into the mouth - like customers.

Scrabble in English?

I got more muscles / mussels than the seas

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