Search homeopathic agents for my dog ​​with ear mites

My dog ​​probably has ear mites and there have been a few veterinarians turn versucht.Nun I wanted to to know if because the possibility of a homeopathic treatment gibt.Vielen you for your help

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... Here is a review with instructions:

However, I would be at the point "permanent clean" careful because you could push the "filth" further into the ear canal, among other things and the dog could unintentionally injured during the purification procedure (inflammation as a consequence ...) ... There probably other solutions (flushing?) ... My dog ​​indeed had no ear mites, but until recently Malassezien in the left ear ... who were also extremely persistent ( "built-to-last mentality" if you will) - we have taken away the disease for several weeks and some visiting the vet ... since then, I no longer see a week in the ears, but almost every day, just for safety ... well soon the Fellnase!

Hello myway68,

which initially surprised me in your question: You write

My dog ​​probably has ear mites and there have been a few veterinarians turn tries.

I'm frankly a little surprised that several veterinarians to have failed to provide a clean diagnosis.

As hard as mites are actually not seen even with the naked eye or a magnifying glass as that. One would think that you sure know after several visiting the vet if the animal now has mites or not.

The problem with mites - is that you have to perform the treatment very consistent and not too short - as other parasites also. Anything which are left to multiply again and bumms- the problem is back. It is very likely to happen with you.

Here you can find described a few ways:

The use of homeopathic or other placebos is pointless. The You notice also that on relevant pages where homeopathic remedies are recommended for such problems, always meaningful suitable measures (eg daily cleaning the ears) are recommended "as an accompanying measure". Ultimately, then, are these "accompanying measures", consistently applied, and bring some help disguise the placebo nature of homeopathy treatment.

Consider: Homeopathy is based on the principle that a homeopathic remedy in healthy individuals the symptoms causes that will heal the sick. First mites are not a disease or a symptom, but parasites. Secondly, does not cause substance produced in healthy mite infestation.

Even so if you want to keep homeopathy for more than a placebo (for which there is no scientific reason), then the application with parasites is not justifiable with the principles of homeopathy. That they will still be offered this speaks for itself.

My advice: Keep it consistently in the interests of your furry favorite to meaningful action.


In the book "our dogs healthy by Homoöpthie" Dr. Wolff is the following:

Calendula ointment - once a day the ear canal care after cleaning. At least 5 days.

Or a dropper full calendula Trinktur (these only apply when the inner ear skin is not injured).

Inwardly Calendula D3 3xtäglich 5 Globolis or 5 drops

If course, if there are really mites. Should an additional fungus be, it must be treated in the aftermath.

Mites have dogs when the immune system is out of order. Therefore, I would recommend you, your dog detoxify with eg MSM organic sulfur with clinoptilolite (for removal of toxins). MSM also builds.

Here is a link, which is very informative:

http: // -...

There are several means that could be given, but to find the right means your statement is too general. This raises the question of how are the coverings (color, substance, odor) .Hat the dog pain? This recurring problem has indeed a cause. Mostly, these dogs also have other construction sites. Our dog had a puppy or young dog, along with a recurrent intestinal inflammation. Since there for him no more finished feed. Try again Barfen with a slow change in feed direction. You can also the dog part of the time even prepare cooked food, is important above all that he gets no ready-made feed. A waiver of carbohydrates (rice, pasta, cereals) has a positive effect in cases of chronic otitis. Here is a link to diet:

Seeking you a THP, can you certainly stand by helpful after a detailed anamnesis.

Clearly there is the possibility, the question is rather whether it brings what and not only costs caused.

You could sometimes look, I have to already asked a question: search for "Homeopathy to paint on" times

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