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Seeking a cute little puppies have moved have a large garden and next door a forest and fields so he would have a lot of exercise. Can someone give me some pages or some tips where dogs herbekommt low or decreasing? Thank you.

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it usually does not matter where you live and if there was the opportunity for plenty of exercise (where a garden never counts as a spout!), but it is much more a matter of how much time and desire you can invest, the dog ' also to provide the necessary outlet.

There are many ways to get a dog. Each has advantages and disadvantages:

- You go to a reputable breeder, for example from the VDH. There you have the confidence to get a well-reared, healthy puppies. Sometimes a young dog or even a little older dog. BUT: animals from reputable breeder cost quite a high purchase price.

- Is an inexpensive puppies looking up from the newspaper of a "multiplier" which has for any reason whatsoever produced dogs offspring. There can be no sure how healthy and well, the dogs were raised, nor what "genetically" inside them. But they are usually quite inexpensive.

- You go to the shelter - there is the selection very large. But one must always remember that dogs who live there, are not there because they have been particularly loved (because otherwise they would not be there). They are there because they have become a nuisance, were practically nonexistent or completely wrong educated and therefore can have many unpleasant bad habits, they are often (heavily) disturbed or traumatized, many were beaten or otherwise tortured etc. pp. Such dogs back to "rehabilitate" is often difficult and time-consuming - and many beginners are overwhelmed with such a task and therefore frustrated quickly.

Of course, that MUST not be so - but you should be clear that you get a dog with "past". Of course you can (and must) be so even once to meet a dog. If everything fits, a happy life together, nothing stands in the way.

- Often also adult dogs are submitted in the paper - usually "have to be separated from unforeseen circumstances of the love Wuffi". The is then completely housebroken, completely peaceful, can stay alone, loves children - and what to desirable behavior yet so necessary. Also there should always be very skeptical, because so many "beloved" well-behaved dogs can not be issued, as they are found in the newspaper.

So survive well and no "quick shot" and especially no pity purchase - because compassion is a very bad advisor when buying a dog.

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a house with garden is all well and good, but have you well informed you what it means a big puppy to pull? since pulling a baby one, with needs that one can not do justice to such as working. as you have the put question, I do not think you've ever really dealt with dog attitude. do that better times before you anschaffst you one. if you are then still the conviction that is a dog right for you, then I would ask at your first stop and think what it should be on a dog because. what should we recommend you here for the part? if you want a pedigree dog, you can after googling akc this race. if it may be a street mix, ask for the animal shelter. however, the full killing stations to time of dogs and as you can as pet inexperienced come under some circumstances also with traumatized dogs in contact, require special attention and devotion.

where dogs herbekommt low

with great deals to get usually not cheap at away. Cheap / cheap puppies / dogs are usually very sick and can cause very high vet bills!

I would advise you to go to the shelter. There many beautiful dogs are looking for a new home, and are also yet relatively cheap to do so. In addition, these dogs are examined by a veterinarian, vaccinated, microchipped! Also there are many puppies and dogs with a pedigree to be found.

Search it out on the internet by breeders in your neighborhood or go to the animal shelter and look at the dogs to;)

Your path should lead you to the shelter near you, there are waiting many dogs in a new home.

Look you times in one to shelter.

Or look here:

it is better from an animal shelter to pick up the dogs because they are urgently looking for a new home

Animal shelter :-)

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