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Is there a realistic police game? So where you can play as the police, there is something? It should also be good, not something like a police simulator, but good. It should here be a shooter, but already realistic not only geballere. But you amuss make investigations and the like. And not just fight, but can make many things more. Not something like Battlefield Hardline.

Or is there no such thing?

The best answer

Battlefield: Hardline and the new game ... Does somehow Rainbow 6

SWAT 4 (I think there only used) is a tactical shooter

The Emergency series, is not a shooter, but does may also be fun.

SWAT The game is a little bit older, but it is very much placed on tactics and not only "rumgeballere". :) Regards Alex

What about Arma 3 and Mod Altis Life? As can be sure to find good servers on which it is to be realistic

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