Second dog ago ... how can I convince my mother ?!

Hi, I want to get a second dog to our 5-year-old boxer dog. All would agree ... but my mother nich ..... how could I convince them zuholen a puppy that? My father works from home so that would be no problem.

How should I ünerzeugen it! LG baddoXD

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Responsibility have your parents and the cost etc .Tragen they also .A puppy is about like a baby, incredibly sweet but also very exhausting!

Until the dog is 6 months old, he can not stay alone, every two hours out, education, etc. A child can not lift that, believe me!

You write in a reply that you have 3 horses and then the Boxer..Hast you there is not enough to do;) You could try with your other animals company, because a puppy will grow up ... You write? we feed our boxers and go with him spazieren.Sry but that's also the least you have to do: / a boxer remains anyway a puppy ^^

LG .platypus13 (among others also owner of a 9 month old boxer bitch <3)

So we have two dogs. It all started so I still wanted a dog with whom I may go for a walk (our other is a Husky and is too strong for me) and my whole family was then on the other hand. but I also gave me a lot of trouble: I wrote a story about getting a dog, I always had to websites before my parents came into the room and begged at least 3 times a day) at some point my mother relented and looked even some Internet pages. We found a small collie puppies and our 8 year old Husky is now much happier and sportier than before :) Good luck ;-) Lg aryalastana

Maybe Like Your Boxer dog no second dog. Then there probleme.Was make then you get with the new?

Hi, if they do not want to, is probably nix. And just because your father is working from home, it does not mean it can automatically take care of the dog, because as you said it then operates yes and then you have his concentration also have. And if one does not want in the household is also stupid for the dog who remembers but your mother's rejection .....

who has the work with the animals ?? who pays for it ?? why should a second dog ago ?? a dog has been in the people be rudel and especially the rudel leader ... I would your ma does not want to convince unless her since completely from the norm as children complete for the dog is to feed, go out, educate, ensure that the dog goes well and also have other family members ...

Not - You already circulated the grunt work for YOUR dog on your father from ....

the problem is that your father came with a puppy will come to work ... more teens are always very quick to others ueberhaeufen with work ..

Not at all. A dog is sufficient.

The best way to show some pictures of the dog or promise good grades in school ;-)

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