Second dog Chihuahua?

Hi dog lovers who of you has a second dog? Which combination would be better? I have a dog, consider him to procure a girlfriend or a buddy. With whom to dogs understand better in the area? Of course I would castrate my male or female sterilization, if it should be a lady dog. But my boy could be better understood with a male? I had to then Both neutered? thank you in advance

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only one consideration you should please include with: When you buy a dog, then it is NOT enough to sterilize these. Because then it is still in heat and your dog is constantly "harp" in the heated time on it. This is neither the male nor the female especially "funny" - but horrible stress - also for the dog owner. (Dogs have it not as "fun" as we humans!) Neutered You have to So then - with all the possible negative consequences.

For the rest, two males understand really wonderful if to an older male comes to a young.

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Well everything before and cons. It could happen that the male protects the female and it could happen that two males zsam chaos donate. Depends on the dogs.

I drive quite well with female and male. Freundr have two males since klappst mind going.

Castrate you just when you get a dog and this can not safely disconnect. But then you have to castrate just an animal.


There go females with male and male with male.

However, it may want to (especially when both are not castrated) to scuffles come both because in the ranking are above males. Friends of mine have two un-neutered males who viewed but understand fine.

Male and female, however, is more common. It would be if you castrated a derbeiden dogs / sterilized best. However, other friends of mine a unkstrierten males and one unsterilized female. If the dog is in heat must then, however, separate or the dog something umbinden that it can not cover the bitch.

Lg. Lena

a dog I would recommend a bitch that are actually getting. Of course, then one of the two should be castrated. Both castrate would be unnecessary!

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