Second dog - young dog pees into dog bed + bed

Hello, I have a ca 10-year male who "suffers loneliness" under for some time, has moved with her dog since my daughter. My plan: a new dog must be found. Since 2 days I now have a 9-month young dog who is actually already housebroken. She has now been 3 times now peed in one of the dog beds and to top it off to bed too, although I do with two very long walks. Is it due to the conversion, I should have patience? I have taken these extra days holiday, but I must also soon be back to work. What can I do?

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first ask for health reasons (from blesenentzuenung0 tierarztausschliessen blank!

Was she already provisionally? Otherwise, it could also be due. When females are in heat or are they pee propagated and something may happen!

However you should but go to the vet and let see!

So that makes one of my two dogs also, the only thing that helped was to give them their own place and space. No longer in the bedroom. LG

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