Secondary school - Father makes terror, enough a signature of the mother?

Hey :) So a friend of mine has now made its school graduate, their grades are good enough to go to a high school, which is also her wish. The problem is that her father does not want. Remember it is already, as only her mother had to sign. but now wants her father, the school kontatkieren.

My question, therefore, it could happen that they lose their school place because not both parents agree? Or is the signature of the parent?

Thank you in advance:)

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What it would mean for the family when the father and mother can not agree? If the daughter then go every day with a bad conscience in the school? Either it falls father or mother in the back.

On what grounds because the Father is it? I can not imagine that there is a school that a student eager to learn and forbids to visit their school to make a good conclusion to me.

The father could log in their name but your friend should do what she wants and her father defy as something totally does not work! Is that his life or how now? Faced together him perhaps best!

In case of conflict SMS contact youth welfare office.

If only the mother had to sign, then I think the times her father will not do it, that it loses its school place.

No one has a right to education and your parents may not prohibit it, or the like. Is your father to school and wants to opt out, you go to the rector, if this was so naive and this guy gave faith. Would my father want to ban school, I would be faster with a lawyer to inform me when he can look.

YOUR FATHER WILL NOT YOU OVER THE SCHOOL IS ?! How stupid must one be .... I do not know my way around the points of unfortunately :( although to not turn determines the Jungendamt. What has her father actually against it ?!

the one that has the custody

you can also sue for the signature of the father for not, you go to perform in advance and then cost to his burden

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