See the hair from straw-like when she washes every day?

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Yes - I would recommend the hair to wash every 2-3 days, if you have thicker hair, you can wash every 3-5 days you also. to wash your hair every day they overused very

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Some coming maybe from washing, for example with very sensitive hair.

Perhaps you have also natural Krause. I was not even from the beginning, it is arrived at puberty. Simply look very dull and lifeless and kapuut from, but I have no split ends, so my hair is very healthy. I would you anyway not too often empfelen hair blow dry or smooth ..

I hope this helps - Lg Bonnyy

If you have oily hair, you can calm them every day with a mild shampoo wash.

Strohig be the hair of smoothing to hot blow-drying, coloring and the like, but not by simple washing.

If hair is washed too often, they dry out, even if you do not see at first glance. So even if your hair after washing and style might look good, the hair structure is attacked and dry. And dry hair may look dull and lifeless as we know. I would recommend to wash your hair every 2-3 days !;)

Depends on what kind of shampoo do you use and what rinses and treatments - with the right things, they can shine wash despite daily and look healthy :)

Depends on is definitely not good for the hair. They will also eventually greasy !!

No total rubbish, at least not with me. I have my hair washed every day weill immediately be greasy. I use normal shampoo & rinse normal and they are silky smooth and shiny, anything but dull and lifeless;)

Yes, wash daily strains the hair very. But if you use cures sufficiently, you can do so again improve slightly

Yes, if your shampoo is bad

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