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Hello :) I have an important question to me very especially the boys and men but also to women and girls here. I'm with my friend and we have a severe separation behind us. I really love him very much but it shows me no love and I have the feeling not to be important enough. He said he comes on Friday to me and it's not. On Saturday we had the actual anniversary and it was important to go into the city. My dad has that day and birthday, and he had not come to the decency over and I got the charges can listen in the evening. I feel little loved and just natural for him. I can not talk because I'm just angry and only I have the problems. What should I do in such a situation? Thanks in advance

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If he already behaves what you mean, what you have in the future expected nor? So, in spite of love and all the trimmings, shooting him in the wind!

Now there are also people who are a little closed or it is unsafe and does not really know how to do, there are people who are not so emphatically and therefore can not really show emotions. On the other hand, it may also be that he is no longer so interested in you (ignore anniversary seems already recklessly), but that would be the "worst case scenario")

But you also arms I would abservieren him for whom it is important to go into town to spend as roommates girlfriend anniversary. Mach circuit as a friend, it is not really worth

You are no longer with him so what do you expect

He is not worth it!!!! -.-

Let him go, what kind of a rag .. sorry if I say so, but if it is so then you need make thee no more trouble more.

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