Seeking a certain breed of dog. Description:

Greyhound type, floor / overturned ears, all color varieties, comes probably from Ireland, hair short or long, 69-75 cm.Schulterhöhe, Gilt well as a hunting dog.

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Can it be that you mean the Lurcher? However, he is not recognized by the FCI breed. It is a hybrid, the. From Greyhound, Collies ,, Terriers But is not entirely clear. The Lurcher embodies every case a erkannbaren Typus.Das coat is short or long hair, the catch is tapered and the ears are cocked. Google times and look at the pictures.

Google Just greyhound races, as we he be at it. The Schultherhöhe to it can really only be an Irish Wolf, grown too large, short life expectancy, often early death from cancer with 6-8 years.

Maybe you're confused with Irish Iberian, the Podenco fits better on your description as the Irish Wolf:

the gibts with Stehoren and in all hair lengths and colors.

Although Comes not from Ireland, but otherwise:

Look here:

Irish wolf dog

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