Seeking a liquid, the smell of dog dirt (pippi) it neutralisiert.das not report.

Dogs frlüssigkeit

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When it comes to prevent the dog because hinmacht again, it's about or ne "Rüdenpissecke" outside where dissolves the whole neighborhood we have had very good experiences with BIODOR Animal. Our Lienchen was years incontinent. There are other enzyme cleaner that can do this. Never anything with vinegar - which smells then for the dogs still lekkerer and render them almost encouraged to make meaning.

please make no feller and spray deo herumm

Take vinegar and wipe it from making the window and then washing up wipe me

Hundedreck = Pipi ???

Maybe you should make it clear what it is about you ...

Do you have a puppy still Bollard in the apartment? Since sufficient swab and then brushing with a normal cleaning agent ...

Did you urine puddles on rugs and / or padding is recommended an ordinary enzyme cleaner. Den you get in the pet supply business.

Urine smell you remove with a good shot of vinegar in the cleaning water.

Want Dog "drive" that come to do their businesses increasingly housebound and / or's land?

Since helps a fence and eventually you ask poop-bags ready ...

For this you need an enzymatic cleaner. I have in puppyhood my dog ​​good experiences with Canina 74006 2 Petvital Bio Fresh & Clean made - but only on smooth surfaces ...

Where is this pee on it: furniture, carpet etc, where? In normal case you can do that as if it's the carpet, odometer with foam cleaner, neutralize - please take no Febrez spray, cause must go - not over spray


Vinegar or disinfecting agent is very helpful!

Lg. Lena

Look at that:

Water - so the laundry with Pipi in the washing machine. Or carpet cleaners.

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