sell homemade on ebay?

Hi, I've read that one for a commercial sheen consumption etc. What interests me now but whether och well as a translucent need if I only now and then (depending on how well sells a slingshot every 1-2 weeks) something homemade sell (slingshot for 5-10 €)

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Yes, you need a because you act with a profit.

Whether that is interested in micropayments someone the other question, I would, however, leave it, the stress that you get can not worth it for the few Euro.

Everything which you have a financial gain, requires, in my opinion a business license. However, you will indeed go with very short runs at the start and it probably will surely interest anyone.

Much more interesting I find the WHAT you want to sell. I do not know if you are doing rather not get in trouble and because people complain towards "weapons". But there are certainly here equal nor the "weapons expert" chance to speak.

Those producing things to sell them at a profit, is already commercially and is from the first advertising obliged notify the responsible Trade Office (§ 14 GewO). As confirmation you get the so-called "business license".

Revenue or profit allowances does not know the commercial law. And what about distribution channel to get your goods is provid care.

Yes, on the sales platform ebay on sale for various reasons is forbidden for you.

The main reason You may choose here:

Whether you is a business license receive regulated legally. In your case clearly no.

Business license and taxes are only payable if really flowing profits. Initially you get so without pretense.

Only those slingshots apply to the Arms Act as prohibited articles. Just so I would your plan does not perform better.

if you produce what, to sell it, then it is a commercial activity.

it do not matter when you bore witness that sell or if you do win. the commercial sheen is the registration of your concrete to be designated commercial activity.

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