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I bought food for my puppy from Belcando Puppy. Only she does not tolerate rice in there. The 5kg bag is still as good as full and I do not want to just throw it away. Is there a way to him a bit of money to sell or give him somewhere where it is used up?

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Some pet stores there are donation boxes where one purely throwing food. Or you can give it away with dogs to the homeless. divide and distribute Perhaps in individual bags

You can override it per Ebay Classifieds, sell Quoka or similar classified ad pages.

I have my still 8kg heavy Trofu bag donated to our shelter because no one wanted him.

In supermarkets or pet stores often standing at the entrance large wire baskets, in animal feed for animal shelters is collected, or you bring it right to the shelter, would be nice of you if you give it away.

If only the question whether open packaging desirable at all in these donation boxes are and are entrained by the home staff. It's best to mix it in a few weeks in small doses again under the lining. Food intolerances are often only temporary. Something is relatively fast. Today's dog is actually no more carnivorous and sticks short incompatibilities away quickly.

Bring him best directly to the shelter.

at reichelt there donation boxes :)

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