Selling an old music system in the room Baden Würtemberg

I am 16 and looking for a music system with good sound and a lot of power, I would use it for parties, you must therefore very noisy were boxes 2 and sein.Am best an amplifier should boxes cost less than 100 € and are Baden Würtemberg in the room if you a good investment you then notify you. PS would pick them up with my parents

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Hello nikkilas,

You can find cars stereos at Ebay. Since you are comfortable not good, I recommend to you if you yourself are looking for and you interest devices here posting, you then get a judgment as to whether it would be worthwhile to bid for it ... or would be better to leave it alone ,

Here are some examples: \_TV\_Video\_Audio\_HiFi\_Systeme\_Kombinationen&hash=item43d95508be

replace from now on the x by www:

very good equipment, track the price up for auction, you may get lucky

As the locations are given, you can pick out suitable to your residence.

Greetings, Dalko


Unfortunately haut not out 100 € very noisy and well in one sentence! For the money you will most likely only get expensive firewood. Wait a little longer, save some money and buy yourself this: \ _box \ _pa \ _252 \ _eco \ _mkii \ _e800 \ _set.htm

Although Is also lowermost segment but the speakers go for the price quite good!

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