Separation when it comes to partners bad?

Hi everyone!

I need a brief assessment: I (m) am with my girlfriend for 1 year, we live together 6 months, talk a lot and partly also really angry. Since Christmas I feel nothing for them, rather anger and aggression, while trying to fight, but it is not better. However, you tried again and pushes the on because it might be better. It is stressful and leaves me feeling no clearance, although she says it so that it gives it to me - only when she cries and wants me to stay with her - I put back.

Now she had a nervous breakdown because of stress at work, no rest, sleep badly and then the stress between us. To really help does not accept it and do not want any. I can not even want my house we have and look forward to work, because it is not then at me.

We know that the situation leave someone?

The best answer

Yes ... that you can, if joint discussions and agreements do not help more, so everyone comes from you to rest again .... good luck :-)

This is really a stupid situation, but very clear: Yes, you can and should leave the partners in the above situation !!! Separation is never nice and never fit. How will you help her, if you feel yourself no longer feel comfortable in your skin, you suffer, etc? You want to rest, because the situation is not good for you and, ultimately, one should always think to yourself, even if that sounds selfish. It is not selfish, but self-protection. What do you want to do your environment a good thing when there is no more to you? If you both the battery is all and so will your problems solved. Your should only separated solve your own problems and maybe you have then the energy necessary to clarify the TOGETHER to redefine. Also, if you end the relationship (or pause) like you can your yes still try to be a good friend to help you with the problems that have nothing to do with your relationship.

Yeah, think of you and what you want. You can only help her if you take her stress, so your relationship is so stressful. The first year should be just great honeymoon. Connects you no good, no children and not married. Be happy and they forsake.

That is a difficult question. Do you think it will get better soon? So their situation at work? If not, I would soon do, if you think it will be better, you can wait a bit, but then you live in the knowledge that you vorspielst her what.

A good time to Breakup there is not, it fits somehow never. I keep my fingers all thumbs that her survives reasonably painless.

Drawing a line, because you have no feelings for her anyway it brings hardly more thing, it would probably be better for both of you .. Maybe you do that even good and you happen to be again another clear and you will also determines many listings ..

Good luck

Have now first agreed to suspend until the weekend due to the collapse. You always think the same, that it is better.

If I it - like yesterday - anspreche with feelings that do not exist, phrases come as "with 28 you are too old for a new beginning, I love you like no other ... etc.". I see that I will soon in the break pack my things and first under'm somewhere else, because she still believes in a rescue.

never-ending story of relationship towards and forth. Make a decision!

What now with you two now going wrong in detail, I can not judge but obviously has in you something occurred which has by no means done good relationship. naturally Therefore various discussions about the situation would still be saved to mention in the first place. However, such efforts should not be held at all costs even if already and it is foreseeable that it can be nothing meanwhile also your emotions have cooled, it also brings nothing. What then would remain, which would separate in peace and dignity, and perhaps the whole time lead to a friendship.

In your particular case, I would argue for a separation. The woman does you no good, she pulls you down and humiliated you. How long will you still participate? Drawing a line and start a new, informal and free life. Enough is enough! Leg close your estranged girlfriend to go to therapeutic treatment.

Want to yourself break to spare only to another? Sorry, but I would in your place with the motto "Everyone is his own neighbor!" act.

As I said, that would be my attitude. Clear, always first try to help, but she does not want yes. You fought to the relationship, but it has failed. So why keep fighting? Although it should now be briefly better, I guarantee you that you will fall back into the old grid!

Thinking of you, you are not responsible for YOUR feelings. If it inoculates you also guilt. Make what is best for you.


I think that with you the air is out and it certainly no longer is better. Complete this relationship otherwise you suffer soon just like you.

Better an end with no fright than a horror without end. Wait no longer so.


as you describe your situation, it's really better if you separate. Sit down together again and talk rationally about your future life. you can you even once a time-out offer, that is every man for himself has his own apartment. Perhaps you'll find after a while but again interest for today. Greetings from bienemaus63

Yes, you can, you're not responsible for it, even if you have contributed to a quarreling! If you feel nothing for them, except the common can not bring a fortiori, to stay with her. If it accepts any help, how will you help her? she needs a break, she has ever applied for a cure? Possibly could also help a psychologist, but this must be prepared! how old are you two?

yes, you can, a relationship is based on sympathy for any of you good ..

draw a clear conscience and may be from your unhappy relationship then once a friendship out of it .. :))

good luck

Oh dear. I'd love to write to you that everything is well again - but that would be hypocritical ... :-(

Are you looking forward to your work, because you then have your peace before her. That is the key phrase in your question - you do not want to be near her. This is no fault on your part, but a self-protection, which you obviously need before your girlfriend.

Mach her clearly! If then nothing changes in your relationship, then you have little choice than to draw a line in order not to go even to the dogs. :-(

All the best!

Hi bobhoppus44,

you're the first in your own food chain. Before that there is no one and nothing to say, you are solely responsible for you.

The same applies to your partner. You do not want to leave so - as I understand it - because she is bad, but because it between you is going badly. That is the time for them supposedly unfavorable, which is so in the nature of time points; they arise without that we often want to and are often very unfavorable.

My advice:

Concern for you, and prepare a short talk (best announce specific time, eg 15 min.) Before, was there, discussed for a long time and this attracts enormous energy on account, also on your. Have & see Verständis that she is bad. Point.

Then get on your site and declare that you need distance etc ... As always looks specifically for you to pull the friend to parents etc. You will then have a plan.

Stay with you and care for you. Only then can work a relationship. Love is not a mind element, but comes from the heart. Or not. Your partner has apparently still learning and understanding backlog.

All the best.

Love from


If you do not perform more discussions factually and calmly kö hopeless appear successive to go, then your ways should separate.

Why you should now take into consideration when they down zieht..nur go up them out of pity?

I can not even

May be ..... so you should selfish before you lie down next

Happy and meet your decision ..

Separation 'like that does not sound good.

I believe your decision is its "sorrow" over, or in the way;

take you a piece of paper, let on in + and -,

write under each heading examples,

which you come to mind about each category.

Max 2 - 3 min. Per day.

Mach 4 days you evaluate from. You are then DIR SAFE.

There is an interesting book by Eva-Maria Zurhorst entitled: "Love yourself and * not care who you marry *" except probably makes a Paartherapie sense and you could for a few days holiday with a friend make, get some distance from the situation.

Of course you can leave it.

The stress between you has to collapse even with triggered.

As hard as it is for you, but yes, it is also important that you're okay. Take a clean break.

and how does this from nervous breakdown? it klignt somehow as if the only one fluid-around you continue to bind.

Yes, if nothing works, one should take the consequences.

Separate yourself from her. This has absolutely no sense. If you had a steady partner with which to happy, or "merely" satisfied lived, and one then leaves him simply because he was sick: that is unprincipled and vulgar. Since you but have long been only armed ... you've basically already realized that you do not match, and the whole long only a postponement, a slide is in front of him ... there is only the foreign exchange : prefer a terrible end than terror without end. All the best

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