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I get pierced me yesterday a septum, and am very happy with it, but always turns my banana upwards so that one no longer sees, is this normal? will now not fumble as they turn around and constantly turning back down .... what can I do with the banana down remains so that you can see the balls?

Thank you and LG

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reputable - - piercer normally as a horseshoe or a keeper as a first application - why most contact and provide no banana .....

That you can even grow awry - when the banana always turns the same side ....

At the moment not much you can do about it. Once the swelling is completely gone, so you should not have more problems.

Exactly the problem I had. By swelling is just the banana turns a bit and this is absolutely normal. Theoretically, you can also "cautious" but it rotate disinfect previously always your hands / fingers. But I would encourage you - especially if the piercing is new - to make this beautifully heal in peace. The faster it heals, the sooner you can use various piercings or less complicated, it is then also with banana :)

Wait until it healed and do a new piercing clean. Super septum piercings can be found here:

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