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Hey :) I'm looking good series that have a bit to do with love and sex but also exciting at the same time. So much like Pretty Little Liars or Devious maids. Thanks in advance :)

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In a series of love AND voltage occurs to me especially "Dallas", which revolves around the oil business and any amounts intrigue and love. If you prepare the age worry - The series was continued in 2012 after a gap of 20 years in three seasons. These new episodes but I have yet to see. (The original series ran from 1978 to 1991 and consists of 14 squadrons. I myself have this last year of the beginning of the year to December durchgeschaut, quasi one season per month on average :-) So exciting I found it),_1978%29

Gossip Girl,


Grace anatomy

desperate housewifes

I find so Game of Thrones great, but that is sometimes a bit shall we say brutal ...

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