Series like "The Mentalist" wanted?


I am new thing through, as I find ingenious Seire "The Mentalist," come back to the series taste. ^^

Wanted to know if you know other / similar series like "The Mentalist"?

-> What I liked relatively well in the series, in addition to the Red John and action cases is the main protagonist "Patrick Jane" ^^

That is also the reason why I can not really make friends with the Seire "Lie to me" (The main character not really talking to me)

Series I approved it were, among others:

"Teen Shows" like: Teen Wolf, Tomorrow People (Vampire Diaries I dislike it more so)

orphan Black



Prison Break

Californication (<3)


Breaking Bad (rather not my case)

Walking Dead was okay, but find the "hype" about not fair ...

Game of Thrones, class series!



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I Love Mentalist

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