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I am currently in programming their own games. As I did, however, with servers etc. not familiar now my question: what do I need to be able to offer a multiplayer? Since there is no solution to run on their own Pc what kind of server do I have to buy myself?

Thank you very much

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A "Server" is ALWAYS an application that provides anything - and runs on any operating system. What the operating system then runs again, is left to the game programmer ...

What requirements do you have of your server? Data rate? Space? Mysql or Web access? Windows or Linux enough? What are the server files - or does it not, the?

You can also program "peer to peer" your multiplayer game, then you need no server ...

But here to ask the question, what you need for your self-programmed game to Server, you have to answer yourself. One can each "Server" create on your own PC, as long as you can muster the necessary server files, because in principle, the local computer is not much different from the server in the computing center. It's just a piece of hardware that provides any application ...

For this you would need proper server cost the then per piece 30 € Onwards per month. Since you probably for a game multiple servers want (not just one for the highscores) I would recommend a P2P game to develop and take only one server for Mathmaking and highscores.

What do you make a game?

Is it for minecraft, then you could be the game when it suits even imagine. Because we are working on a new server. Thank you!

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