Setting the GSM transmitter / receiver performance higher

Hi, I've heard that one with a code which you enter as a normal call, can provide the received power higher.

Only I know this code unfortunately not, but I know that it exists.

The background: in a more rural area, there is no mobile phone coverage, if you would but make the transmission power higher, then one would have received because the device would get at other (more distant) radio masts connect.

I want so by not or so, then if one chooses an emergency number in such an area without reception, then you have received because the power is increased, and so long until you provide has received no answers because something goes I want to set this permanently, and that something more battery consumption, must me not to say, because there is an extra emergency phone as a normal touch-tone phone that NOTHING can, and possibly 24/7 attached to the outlet (which I also will not hear).

The best answer

The mobile phone provides the transmit power independently to the maximum permissible value (5W) a if it can not connect. Another network use where the signpost is not so far away. A directional antenna use the signal is amplified. Or build your own broadcasting station. As

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