Setting up the network to neighboring

Hello My neighbor and I often play together Minecraft, however, the connection between us so bad that he can make almost anything sometimes.

So we tried to make a network connection our homes are 20m apart and none of us the wifi reaches so long the next idea was a patch cable (lan cable) lay however is because the problem that he lives on the street and we do not know if we can run the cable under the street or across the street. Does anyone there perhaps a solution?

The best answer

I would to a server you gamble two have not WiFi but you have to in home net gamble! Buy yourself a larger antenna or wireless zocke a server or prefer halt whom there is no other way a LAN cable!

He ??? He gets good Wifi you have to get good Wifi and then you play together encouragingly Server!

Created you about Hamatchi a virtual network. How to do you see on YouTube. Just give Hamatchi minecraft server

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