SG OR WG ​​can not decide

I'm in the tenth class of a real school and I know so not what I somewhat later or want to do .. :( my average from semi-annual testimony was 2.7 and German math English 3.0, so I come to talk of the notes her safe to a high school. can me merely not decide which school I should take first priority. I wanted wg go but then all so no the full hard this the better go sg, which should be easier.'ve a neither interests nor find I fold besonderst interesting, so I do not get with do what you want I WEIS INDEED nOT'd like to know what you think of wg in relation to sg obs is easier, as your experiences are so etc .. thanks in advance. D

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Just because you have in German, math and English, on average 3.0, that does not mean that you will surely adopted at the high school. This depends on the number of registrations. When to sign up more students than places available, is sorted out after the cut in D, M and E. The testimony average of the other subjects (overall average) does not matter. For us it was last year so that only students with an average of 2.6 and better in D, M and E were adopted safely. Of course, this is different for each school. You should still try to improve your testimony yet.

You should choose the school that interests you more. I'm at a WG, we have in the week 6 lessons of Business (Business Administration, Economics, Accounting). If you are not interested, you're at the wrong school. I can imagine that this is the SG too. Which of the schools is more difficult, and again depends on how easily you fall the issues or if you care for it. I would at a SG probably quite a problem, because I am not at all interested in the topics. The curricula of core subjects (German, mathematics, English) are available at all vocational high schools equal, that makes no difference.

Dafuq are "wg" and "sg" ?? Wirtschaftsgymnasium and language school or what ?! oO So I would take your place that for which you care more. If you are interested in languages, then go to a language school if you are interested in math, social studies, law and such stuff, then go to a commercial high school. Ultimately, it is always the same weight because the Abi (at least in your State) everywhere is the same, and what you then choose for LKs, is yes again another question.


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