Shall I disappear from my family?

Hey, I'm 16 live are two weeks my mother, my siblings and me. In a women's shelter Now I do not mind that I live there, help us indeed merely I suffer from depression and my mother complicates my life. It comes as over as if they gave us only for the money. Because she only buys things as clothes, shoes ... We then get only something very cheap. She told me if the women who work here can find a job for them (it can not speak German) they no longer need us as children. What is one to make of a mother because of that? Bin been dubbed grade on a playground of her as a patient, I should let me lock up. Just because I have not put myself beside her. Think away from her to go would be better for my state .. Do you find it's wrong when I go away? I would have died for it when I go, the issue we had. I would be happy to answer very. LG

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Sounds unfortunately like it will be really good for you ...

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