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Hey my best friend does not have a best friend, but me. How can I deal with it? Because I always think that when they meet with me then with the making.

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You're just best friends and you seem to be very jealous. My guesses: D

a) YOU have feelings for them and are jealous

b) You just scared to lose your best friend and are so so jealous wherein a) for me is more in question.

Basically, I take the view that one can only have a best friend and a best friend. Best friend is supposed to mean something like * the best of my friends * one can also not be with two people at the same time together, Well can already but morally it would be very questionable. Do you unfortunately nix except keep working to deal with it, you can not very well confront her and blame her she what makes the times when it does not or it does not have time for you. Since you are not together that would be very exaggerated.

I'm sorry that I could not really help ..

You have to learn that even have your friends of other friends beside you. Your jealousy is probably unfounded.

How about if you mind having your friend fixed the days when only the two of you making together., Or to meet up in threes.

You can browse still looking for other friends, too.

Of this you can go, and if you accept that, you also have to live with it

In your age let them run - really! in 20 - 30 years, it may be interesting (to be), and it takes a certain maturity - even then it works quite rare. Do not run the girl - there are so many cute girls typically turn to only a boy. Let them run, Say perhaps briefly in her, she might ask for her reasons why she needs two boys, and if you are aware that they hurt you. Then they let go without scruple and take never again contact with her on - no matter what they mean to you ((has)!

it is not yours

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