Shave boys / men

I wanted to ask whether ear finds boys / men should shave in intimberreich.

Thank you in advance

The best answer

I am 23 and feel a MAN (the word speaks for itself !!!) include hair. Although not a jungle thicket, but normal length / density should in the genital area, and be present on chest and arms and legs and face and head.

Small example: my dream man is Erik range alias Gronkh.

I do not like it. It is not, of course, leads to cuts and injuries. This can be dangerous in the genital area, eg due to AIDS.

It comes down to whether you like it and not whether we like others.

Everyone needs to decide for themselves. Personally, I think yes!

Everyone needs to decide for themselves.

Yes I think so

Well, most men require they shave women. If so, then man should go to lead by example

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