shave by Harre, thicker and fuller hair?

I heard that if you shaved off his hair grow thicker and fuller hair as it claimed. Do you know if that's true? Thanks for your answers in advance :)

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Of course not. What interests there because the hair follicle deep into the skin, what you with the hair "out there" doing? A negative but which have nothing.

That's not true. Grow hair where hair or hair roots. That is no longer and not tight after shave.

NO, you can not say that. It's just that if you shaved the hair, all are equal, and thus we perceive them full.

Just as with the hair on the head, we cut them regularly so that they again look thicker and get away the thinner spikes.

No, that is not correct. The shaved hair appear thicker and only stoppeliger because even the slightly thinner tapered tip hair was cut. In reality, the hair is just the way it is and it does not grow faster in that you shaved it.

Otherwise we would have no male pattern baldness more when would the hair full by repeated shaving.

I really do not understand why this rumor holds so penetrating in people's views. Just like that spinach contains a lot of iron and one spider eats annually during sleep.

No, be no thicker hair, otherwise would have all older Menschem have thick. The hair forms in the root of what has happened over the scalp nothing to do with the thickness.

That's bollocks and an optical illusion.

This is absolutely absurd

No to god will no! This is exactly the same as with the shaving of (eg) leg hair: shaving through growing even leg hair is not fast!

Bull shit !! Perhaps you have someone tricked so you abrasiest your hair

No, that's rubbish

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