She writes on WhatsApp so little!

I last summer met a girl and we get along really great! She has always written a lot and now she writes less! For example, I write ,, you've still true school ", then a ,, yeah ._." back! I wonder why she wrote so little. but you still writes sometimes many hearts?

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So I'm just like you in advance a boy. That there is nothing more to tell is nonsense! I write for over a year with a nice girl and have become good friends. For us there is always something to tell whether it comes to school, love, everyday problems, experiences, etc, or we simply times keep a little smalltalk is totally no preference. In any case there is always something what we talk / write. Maybe it's in our nature we can both you zuquasseln hours wenns must be. We are also extremely similar to us and therefore can well talk about common interests. Think just a minute ... what you have experienced so exciting? Gibts was new at school? Is there what will you tell her?

I wish you success!

vll she no longer writes so happy. And vll it only writes back so as not to be rude

Not everyone is a great writer. Personally, I also talk a lot better in person with my fellow human beings.

vlt has immoment bit stressful trying to talk to her and show her if what they are talking about this with you can

One probably has just a lot to do and is stressed

Then the conversation is ausgelutscht slowly. If you write only with her, then there is in life at some point a moment where there is not much to say except one also has real respect for the person (friends, commonalties, Location, ...)

So possibly it has little time? .. Or she got at school or other interests generally less time LG. Kathi

I would make not so much about

She has no more book to you

She has no interest in you.

Then this has probably "we understand really great" done.

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