Shelter does not give me my dog ​​!?

Hello my dog ​​I was before about 1 month I stole phoned everywhere at the shelter etc. and no one had such a dog described. Now I have come from a stupid accident on the website of an animal shelter in my town and took a picture of my dog ​​found. I was totally happy and went straight in this shelter, where I showed pictures of my dog ​​individually and also images in which we couple to see. But suddenly, the mood and the woman there said that everyone could say that this is his dog and asked for the chip but since I had not let getting chipped the dog of course there was no chip and she said then would not my dog because I could not prove it, but I had the pictures and I begged to show me the dog that she would then see that he listens to his name and knew his nickname to just me and my husband, but they threw us practically from the plot and said the dog would anyway as good as mediated. Now I know not what I can do, go to the police? I do not know, I hope someone can help me I love my dog ​​and would do anything :-(

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nothing against you, I do not know you so, but you have the thing for me to listen not really consistent at.

When it comes to your dog, then you have the course can also prove. Why is the dog not chipped - is not in any state duty, even at the dog to sign tax.

Maybe the dog indeed has a chip and therefore already not yours be the?

I hope sometimes that you do not think your dog "just so" retrieve from the shelter? Also for lost dogs, if you can prove its ownership, to the corresponding maintenance costs (about 20 - 30 Euro) must of course be paid on the day - I hope you is clear and there has not been a dispute about them?

Each shelter is actually happy when Fund dogs can be transferred back - and searches at the shelter are also stored and with appropriate compliance to the "parents" then also informed.

Without good reason - that you might not call here - so is not to explain a behavior. Even when standing before switching the shelter'd get less money than one of you - a financial interest so can not exist on the part of the shelter.

I would like to address the German Animal Welfare Association in Bonn. = Umbrella organization and support of animal shelters in Germany. In addition, I would like to address this question to just answer. There you get professional advice from lawyers for about 15 - 20 €.

Did not you reported the dog at the shelter as missing? This is actually the first thing you do. How old is the dog because there is since 2011 a chip compulsory in Germany, the dog was an account? Then you've got a document from your city or town. Why was not he chipped and what a race it is. If you can prove that it is your dog, you will get it back for a fee, and you have to specify why he was not chipped and may not be logged, then, little more punishment on you to. In addition, you have to indeed have a pet passport for the dog, with which you can prove that it is your dog.

So that you the dog must not see is a mess and also against rights! I would really times when the police call or pass and there to ask me what you can do. They usually give you must show the dog as make believe even punishable.

The woman is still disturbed !! Because I would just go to the police in your place and describe them your problem. The you will be there certainly helpful. Good luck! :)

Somehow I can not believe the story that is behind un front not consistent. Each shelter knows that it must convey Fund animals only after 6 months, as long as the owner has time to sign up, which is regulated by law.

You called, but not anchgesehen, only happen to see the dog exactly in the shelter where you actually have to call allle two days had? And then he was already on the exchange side?

What are already stupid for rührseelige, and yet so boring story ... Holiday ..

accept ads for theft, and attorney and leaving a juicy letter for the purpose of issuing debt.

Yes go to the police because you have evidence! A witness (your husband) and you have pictures and know its name and have his toys! Go to the police, I also have a dog and I would do anything too!

Welcome to GF ...

1st question and then immediately as a cry for help ...

I can not quite give the story as described above in the question of faith ...

The dog was stolen and then recovered at the residence of the questioner after 1 month at the shelter identified by a photo on the internet ???

In addition, your story is written so nice ...

Chip duty in Germany there is not universal - that is regulated differently in the provinces.

It's funny that you can continue to pass away every day ...

and you have a made indicator for theft of the dog? you can the animal shelter but show ...

your history seems to me very illogical ...

Go to the police and you'll get help

go to the police, one animal is technically not a thing and you can the animal shelter show because "fund embezzlement".

would also be helpful, the thing at a local newspaper to publicize (or large with 4 letters), sometimes those things come to the editors just right when they have nothing else to reveal.

Impudence !!! I would report me to the police immediately !!

Direct call the police, wenns your dog should he indeed recognize you and then the home must present it to you also. If they do not, they are liable to prosecution.

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