Sherlock Holmes Familienstammbau

Hello, we have just the theme in German Sherlock Holmes, and we need to find out Familienstammbau! As is nowhere what of his relatives! Can you help her more ...

PS: I appreciate also other information!

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It is now of course the question of what Sherlock Holmes we speak. About the original Conan Doyle? From a Sherlock from another story? From a Sherlock from one of the many films ??

The family shown may to vary greatly, depending on the view.

What is certain is given in each presentation, only the older brother Mycroft, who works for the British government.

In the Classic Doyle tales are told very little about the family, with only a few exceptions:

In "The Greek Interpreter" is a grandmother mentioned (not by name), only that she was the sister of a French painter named Vernet and "the Builder of Norword" comes a "distant relative" named Dr. Verner discussed.

It is speculated that the first name of Holmes mother Violet could be, but that is never confirmed.

Hope this was helpful ;-)


I just know that he an older (?) Brother named Microft (hope that you write so) has, otherwise I No further relationships are known because of the books.

So I only know that he has an older brother Mycroft names working in the British government. Often I have heard that he is supposed to have a little brother named Hamish. More unfortunately I do not, I'm sorry.

Here is something ^^ \ _Holmes% 27 \ _Familie

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