Shiba Inu dog box

Hello, we get in the summer a Shiba Inu puppy (instep height grown ca 40cm). Now we have the opportunity to buy cheap Swisspet transport boxes for Autozu. Which size is best? You must not be too small and not too big.

Choose from the following sizes (WxDxH): 54x73x50 1. 2. 3. 54x84x50 54x73x68 54x84x68 4

Thank you for your recommendations.

The best answer

My "little" (37cm shoulder measurement) has the size L 91 x H 58 x W 61 cm, which is almost too small already. So I would take the greatest in your case. ^^

So I also have a Shiba and I find all very close of width. Otherwise, the dimensions fit anywhere, but lower than 50cm should already not be.

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