Shooting on the body when I get hot when I'm excited and have goosebumps.

That happened with the goose bumps not always. I do not know why that is but I have only been about 3 months. Before never. My mother says that's normal but why I had the earlier then ever? Mostly it is the head, neck, back, to the poor and to the chest. When I ask to scratch it again Ok but I do not want to not scratch every 2 seconds during a presentation, etc. Me too. They certainly do not move on. Thank you in advance. PS: if this is really normal, it is not I'm sorry but before that I had the genuine and I do not know what that is and why. Kann mir jmd to tip like that is or how to alleviate it?

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Such problems often occur during puberty because the body undergoes a transformation.

Maybe you can help this:

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